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Alternative fashion is a vibrant form of self-expression, allowing individuals to break free from mainstream trends and showcase their unique personality.

Expressive Individuality

Adding “Tan Through Swimwear” to your style repertoire blends sun-safety with the flair of alternative fashion.

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This fashion genre often serves as a visual rebellion against societal norms, offering a sartorial voice to various subcultures.

Cultural Rebellion

From punk to goth, it’s a way to stand out and make a statement, often influenced by music, art, and cultural movements.

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Embracing a wide range of styles, cultures, and influences, alternative fashion promotes inclusivity and a broad spectrum of expression.

Diverse Inclusivity

It’s not just about clothing; it’s about creating a community where everyone can feel accepted and celebrated for their differences.

What is a Tan Through Swimwear and how does it work?

Tan Through Swimwear is an innovative type of swimwear designed to allow sunbathing without leaving any tan lines from the swimsuit.

This swimwear is crafted from a unique fabric that has a net-like structure, enabling sunlight to penetrate through the small openings. Moreover, this mesh material selectively filters out the harmful portion of the UV spectrum, thus protecting the skin. Consequently, wearing this swimwear offers sun protection comparable to an SPF35 sunscreen.

The benefits of this swimwear extend beyond tanning; it is engineered to contour the body, provide breast support, dry rapidly, and facilitate skin breathability.

For those who prioritize both their well-being and aesthetic appeal, a tan through swimsuit represents an ideal choice. It merges health-conscious features with the pursuit of a flawless tan.

Tan Through Swimwear represents an alternative approach to traditional swimwear, offering a unique solution for those seeking a seamless tan.
By choosing Tan Through Swimwear, consumers embrace an alternative that harmonizes their desire for a natural-looking tan with their commitment to sustainable fashion choices.

Tan Through Swimwear offers a dynamic alternative to conventional swimwear,
continuously evolving with technological advancements

This innovative swimwear addresses the limitations of traditional fabrics by providing a seamless tanning experience.
Stay updated with the latest news to witness the ongoing enhancements in Tan Through technology,
ensuring you're at the forefront of swimwear innovation.

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No white streaks or tanning borders!

The Benefits of Tan Through Swimwear Tan through swimwear is a revolutionary product that has taken the market by storm. Here’s why you should consider investing in this innovative swimwear.

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Full Tan Coverage

Tan through swimwear allows UV rays to penetrate the fabric, ensuring you get a full tan without any tan lines. This technology means you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming without the need to constantly adjust your swimsuit.

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Eco-Friendly and Safe

These swimsuits are made from eco-friendly fabrics that do not leave any white residue. They provide sun protection equivalent to SPF35 sunscreen, reducing the need for chemical sunscreens and protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.

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Quick Drying

The breathable fabric of tan through swimwear dries quickly, making it perfect for beach and pool activities. You won’t have to worry about staying wet for long periods after a swim.

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Durable and Stylish

Tan through swimsuits are designed to be durable and retain their color over time. They are handmade with unique drawings and prints, offering stylish and practical options for every taste.

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Body Shaping and Support

These swimsuits fit perfectly to the figure, providing firm breast support and shaping problem areas. They are available in various styles to suit different body types and preferences.

Tan-through swimwear is divided into one-piece and separates

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One-piece swimsuits:

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Bikini swimwear:

Advice for tan-through swimwear buyers: get the one-piece swimsuit first!

"Sales practice shows that customers who buy bikinis first go on to buy one-pieces. This is because they are more comfortable to wear on holiday. At the same time, one-pieces give you the same even tan as a bikini. So you can start with the one-piece and then buy the separates. Or buy both - at a discount."

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JuliannaDirector of Tan Through Swimwear® online shop

Tan Through Swimwear for Men

A Smart Swimsuits® is not just a swimsuit for women

Mens tan through swimwear is shorts, tank tops, shirts and t-shirts! All made from the same smart fabric. A whole wardrobe of men's beachwear!

Elements and varieties of smart swimwear and clothing

Smart Swimsuits® at the NYFW SHOWS 2022 - fashion bikini runway show

Where can I buy Smart Swimsuits® tan-through swimwear?

Top 10 Tan Through Swimwear Brands

Discover the best tan through swimwear brands that combine style, comfort, and the innovative technology to give you a perfect, even tan. Here are the top 10 brands leading the market:

  1. Kiniki: Renowned for a wide range of Tan Through swimwear, offering good UV protection and unique designs.
  2. CoolTan: Their swimwear and clothing lines allow for an all-over tan as if you were sunbathing nude.
  3. Solar Tan Thru: Produces swimwear that not only allows for tanning but also provides UV protection.
  4. Transol: Offers swimwear made from fabric that lets sunlight through, aiding in an even tan.
  5. SWIMSARA: Known for Tan Through swimwear that protects against UV rays while allowing for tanning through the fabric.
  6. True Tone Swimwear: Utilizes Japanese technology for sun-through swimwear, ensuring a true tan tone.
  7. Tanikini: Features micro-perforated mesh and special yarns for swimwear that allows for tanning.
  8. TANON SWIMWEAR: Developed bikinis that let the sun’s rays pass through the fabric, minimizing tan lines.
  9. BetterTan: Designer swimwear with Tan Through technology promising an even tan without visible lines.
  10. Smart Swimsuits: Offers a variety of collections, including solid and patterned, as well as different styles like bikinis and monokinis.


Types of Tan Through Swimwear

Tan through swimwear comes in various styles, including:

  • One-Piece Swimsuits: Ideal for ease of wear, modesty, larger sizes, children, and body shaping.
  • Bikini Swimwear: Perfect for slim girls, sports, active tanning, style, and fashion.

Why Choose Tan Through Swimwear?

  • No White Streaks or Tanning Borders: Say goodbye to unsightly tan lines that ruin your look.
  • Skin Protection: Blocks excess UV rays, reducing the risk of photo-aging and skin cancer.
  • Breathable Fabric: Keeps your skin cool and comfortable.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Reduces the need for chemical sunscreens.

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Our online shop “Tan Through Swimwear” is an official distributor of Smart Swimsuits® in Lithuania by RODASALA (UAB “RODASALA”). We guarantee quality and consumer protection, with worldwide delivery.

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We provide protection against counterfeit products. Buying from our store ensures you get original tan through swimwear at manufacturer’s prices, with discounts and free delivery on orders over €199.

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Our store adheres to all consumer protection laws, ensuring a secure purchase. With 8 years of experience, we offer a complete range of swimwear in various colors, patterns, and styles for every need.

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Summary: Why Choose Tan Through Swimwear?

  • Even tan with no white lines
  • Protection from UVA rays
  • Maintains skin health
  • Quick drying
  • Durable and colorfast
  • Environmentally friendly and safe

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Miami Swim Week 2023 SMART SWIMSUITS Runway

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